What do I get?

The ultimate co-producer.

We've crunched the numbers, and using our A.I. algorithms, Lemonaid is capable of over 50 million unique MIDI progressions, all sitting on your laptop. Sheesh!

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  • Melody

    Our algorithms are currently capable of producing over 500,000 unique melody outputs. These melodies are simply seeds that can be used as the fundamental tune of your next single. Of course, we clarify which Key each output is in, so you can add additional melodic layers with ease.

  • Melody + Chords

    If you really want to take inspiration to the next level and add a little more “flavor” — Melody + Chords is for you. We’ve crunched the #’s, and we are currently capable of over 50 Million unique outputs using this feature. Talk about limitless ideation!

  • Drum Patterns (Beta)

    We currently offer over 50,000 unique Chill and Energetic drum patterns each. Drumbeats is currently in Beta, we are continuing to update the model as you read this :). All users will automatically receive the latest Drumbeat model when it graduates out of Beta.

Hand Selected Samples

Having empathy for newer producers - one of the hardest decisions to make is “which sound” pairs with a certain MIDI progression.

Thankfully, Lemonaid comes powered with:

- 4 unique sounds for each Melody/Melody + Chord

- 8 ready-to-use drum samples

This allows you to truly purchase an “out of the box” plug-in that has everything you need to get started.

Powered by the Cloud

Being Cloud powered offers two major benefits to you:

[1] Our A.I. algorithms which are quite compute intensive are all cloud hosted - so you don’t have to worry about intensive CPU requirements slowing down your laptop.

[2] Being cloud hosted gives you the comfort of knowing you are always getting the latest and greatest MIDI generations from our algorithms. We can update our cloud models without you ever noticing a thing, so your plug-in simply gets better quality the longer you own it.

Drag and Drop into your favorite DAW

Integrated within your workflow for a seamless experience. We currently offer Lemonaid within:

Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Garage Band

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How do I know this isn’t just a MIDI pack? Are these outputs truly powered by Artificial Intelligence?

Yes - none of these melodies or drum patterns were human created. Each one is generated by our A.I. algorithms that were trained by our team. If you’d like to learn more about this process, shoot us an email! We are more than happy to be as transparent as possible to those who are curious, and for those who aren’t - just enjoy the magic ;)

How is this different than other MIDI generation plug-ins?

This question is worth a phone-call with how passionate we feel :) A few starters are:

[1] We use real A.I. for every output, and we’ve trained our models ethically using only our own dataset.

[2] We confidently can state, mathematically, we are capable of over 50 Million generated outputs

[3] We love technology, and designed the tool to match our performance expectations. Deciding to host our A.I. in the Cloud allows for extremely fast outputs (milliseconds)

[4] Music is nothing without the right sounds - and we provide 12 different samples that are ready to use that come along with the plug-in download.

[5] Direct access to product feedback - we are a small team, so the right email can mean you get the exact plug-in you've been dreaming of

Am I safe to use these outputs in my songs? (Royalty free)

Yes, every output Lemonaid generates is Royalty free, so take whatever you like and run with it!

Some of my outputs sound similar, what's the deal?

This gets into a deeper topic of Artificial Intelligence - with millions of possible outputs - there's no way we've been able to hear everything this thing can create - however - we allow our A.I. model to output with "free reign" - as-in - sometimes, the A.I. model will output similar melodies/drum patterns - this may happen - just keep hitting generate!

Use Lemonaid as a co-producer - so imagine if a friend always liked going back to a certain 'melody' - it will happen sometimes - but keep pushing that Lemon and getting new ideas - plus, our A.I. model never needs to eat or sleep, so it's a little more convenient than your friend ;)

Which DAWs does Lemonaid support?

Right now - Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Garage Band - hit us up if a DAW isn't listed that you'd like to use!

Which Operating System will it work with?

MacOS and Windows!

For MacOS, as long as you are on a 2014 or later machine, you should be good.

For Windows, Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Will it work with my M1 Macbook?

Congrats on a sweet machine :) - yup!

Do I really need an internet connection?

Yes - because all of our A.I. generation is cloud hosted, we need you to be connected to the internet to receive the outputs.

Anything else?

Always feel free to write us a note - lemonaidmusicxhelp@gmail.com