A.I. you can trust

Homegrown Artificial Intelligence

This app was created by musicians, for musicians. This means we put a lot of effort in making sure our algorithms were trained ethically, so each of our user's know they are using technology that was created the "right way".

What's the "right way"? Well, we only trained our A.I. algorithms on datasets that we own, and through partnering with fellow producers in our community - which makes our models ethically trained.

We believe A.I. can be a tool used for good within the music creation process. Our tool is intentionally built to only output "starting seed" ideas, but by no means do we currently, or ever plan to create production ready tracks through the use of algorithms.

Music was made to be created by humans, and we think A.I. should only be used to help co-create in collaboration, never to replace us.

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