Revolutionizing AI in the music space

When life gives you lemons, make music with Lemonaid.
Welcome to a fresh perspective on music creation.

  • Seeds for your next new hit

    Use Lemonaid to plant the seeds of your next big hit. Each time you hit our “generate” button, a new idea is generated that could be the fundamental melody, chords, and drum patterns of your next big hit.

  • “Beat block” eliminator

    Get out of your own head. Sometimes all we need is a fresh new idea in order to do this - and what better way than having your own co-producer at your finger tips.

  • A.I. powered, Limitless possibilities

    Through the power of A.I., we can confidently state we are capable of offering you over 50 million unique MIDI progressions through this tool. And we will only get better from here!

Lemonaid in Action